Your Own Private Dog Park, conveniently located behind J-Canine Pet Resort 
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All visitors and members MUST check-in at the front desk.

  Proof of current vaccinations must be provided for ALL dogs.  Dogs should be vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordatella.  Puppies must have had three puppy booster shots.  We highly recommend that dogs also be vaccinated for Canine Influenza.  We can keep vaccine information on file for you.  Any dogs not current on their vaccines at the time of their arrival will be refused entry to the park. Tell the Swimming Hole of any guest dogs when making your appointment so their vaccines can be verified as well.

  All dogs must be on leash when not inside the fence of the park.

  ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!  Guests and dog owners assume all risks and responsibilities when using The Swimming Hole park.  Dog owners are responsible and liable for the actions for their dogs at all times.

  Please limit activity to The Swimming Hole Park itself.  Access is not granted to surrounding areas.

An adult must be supervising the dog(s) at all times.  Do not leave dogs unattended in the park.

  Do NOT tie dogs to the fence.  Crates and/or exercise pens are welcome if you need to contain your dog for part of your visit.

  All children must have direct supervision at all times.  No children under the age of 6 are allowed without a life jacket on at all times.  Strollers are not allowed.  If meeting other members, remember that not all dogs will be socialized with children.  Keep children close and allow NO running or screaming.

  Dogs or children are not allowed to be left unattended in vehicles, regardless of the temperature.

The Swimming Hole is not responsible for any lost items.

Please bring fresh water for your dog to drink.

  We strongly urge all dogs to be on a flea and tick preventative.  While we treat the entire facility to the best of our abilities, The Swimming Hole is a bit more "natural" and is subject to the occasional country pest!

Because we are outdoors, in the country, please be aware of biting insects and snakes.

  Owners are responsible for pick-up and disposal of their dog's waste.  A pooper scooper and trash can will be provided or you can bring poop bags or request one from the front desk when you check in.

  Owners must stop any digging and notify us immediately of any holes dug by their dog.

  Fishing is never allowed in the pond.  The hooks and lines are very dangerous to dogs.

  Make sure any toys that you use FLOAT.  Floating toys are available for purchase inside J-Canine Pet Resort.

  People must wear shoes in the park at all times.

  No running in the park unless you are a dog!  Although the ground is maintained, this is a natural setting and the surface may be uneven or contain dips or holes.

  Pond access is for dog enjoyment ONLY.  No adults or children are allowed to swim or wade.

  Food and drinks are allowed in the park, but all trash must be picked up before you leave.  Left behind trash could be hazardous to the next dog.  Glass containers are prohibited.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed. 

  Smoking is not permitted.

  No inhumane treatment of dogs is allowed; this includes no kicking, punching, hitting or poking with objects, slapping the nose, face, or head or other similar treatment. 

Violators of our rules are subject to removal from the park, suspension, or termination.  If your membership is terminated as discipline for breaking park rules, no refund of membership dues will be made.



These rules can be printed, with our membership packet, here

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